Denskonveyor®  is a dense phase pneumatic conveying system of bulk materials by means of positive air pressure through pipes in the horizontal and/for vertical directions. Due to special design, advanced engineering techniques and flexibility, it is possible to convey almost any kind of fine materials or granules without any problem.

Since the system is completely closed, contamination and loss of the bulk materials is prevented. No corruption occurs at the physical and chemical structure of the material. In comparison to the conventional conveying systems (belt conveyor, screw conveyor, elevator etc.), as there are nearly no moving components, Denskonveyor® has the advantage of low maintenance and spare part costs. Due to the compact and user friendly PLC control system Denskonveyor® can be easily adapted to all instruments and other control units.  

OM Process engineered pneumatic conveying systems with indisputable advantages

Low Energy Consumption

Minimum Particle Degradation

No Material Loss

Long Distance (up to 600 m)

High Capacities

Low Maintenance Cost

Low Investment Cost

Long Life


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